Karis Patient Assistance


A dedicated Patient Advocate works directly with your healthcare provider to help reduce the out-of-pocket portion of your medical bills.

You don’t have to face the healthcare world alone. We make Healthcare Work.

Healthcare can be confusing and expensive. A dedicated Patient Advocate works directly with your healthcare provider to help reduce the out-of-pocket portion of your medical bills. With nearly 20 years experience in negotiating medical bills, we have unparalleled results obtaining discounts for our members.

Services include:
  • Physician, Prescription Cost, and Facility Search
  • Health Cost Estimates
  • Lab and Imaging Service Estimates
  • Alternative medicine Options
  • Appointment Setting
  • Affordable Care Act Answers

Let an expert Advisor address your healthcare questions and concerns empowering you with healthcare knowledge and confidence while saving you time and money.

Members have access to a skilled Advisor to quickly deliver real-time results.
  • Physician and Hospital Search: Advisors find local, quality physicians, specialists and surgeons who focus on your unique healthcare needs.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Advisors will schedule primary care and specialist visits, as well as labs, imaging, flu shot appointments and more at your convenience.
  • Prescription Cost Search: Advisors find the lowest price available for medication needs as well as explore assistance programs and mail order options.
  • Medical Records Transfer: Karis360 Advisors organize the seamless transfer of your medical records between providers.
  • Health Cost Estimates: Real-time cost estimates for various outpatient procedures are provided.
  • Elder Care Service: Members get help finding assisted living facilities, coordinating home health, Medicare applications, questions and appeals, Medicaid Denials, VA Benefits, supplemental insurance and more.
With two thirds of all bankruptcies in America including a medical bill debt component, our experienced Advocates address the out-of-pocket medical costs that you may face.
  • Medical Bill Negotiation

    A dedicated Patient Advocate works directly with your healthcare providers (doctor’s office, hospital, etc.) to help reduce the out-of-pocket portion of your medical bills.
  • Pre-Negotiation
Advisors can negotiate potential medical costs before a procedure. Members provide a written estimate and Advisors will pre-negotiate your potential medical bills easing stress and saving money.
  • Results
    Karis360 has unparalleled results negotiating medical bill discounts. Members can see up to 65% average savings with insurance and 85% average savings without insurance.
At last, we bring pricing transparency to you.
  • Service
    Each Karis360 member has access to an experienced Advisor who researches up to five surgical facilities for non-emergency procedures in your area providing information regarding cost, quality, availability and physician privileges.
  • Results
    With Surgery Saver, members see an average savings of $13,000. Advisors have found a 66% difference between the highest and lowest quoted surgery costs between facilities.

On-staff Chaplains are available to spend time with members on the phone, listening and providing support. Sustaining, guiding and healing, Chaplains help you find answers and direction.

Karis360 is not insurance and does not provide funds to pay for bills. This is a best-efforts service. Despite Karis360’s diligent efforts on member's behalf,
some providers may refuse to make accommodations to help resolve outstanding medical bills. Results cannot be guaranteed.

Smart HealthPass and Smart HealthPass Plus is NOT INSURANCE and is not intended to replace your primary care provider. Smart HealthPass Plus should not be used for any medical emergency situation - always call 911.
Not available outside the United States. Not Available in ME & NH. Lab not available in NY, NJ, RI, MD or MA.